September 10th, 2013

Cultural Weekend in Frankfurt: Part 1

Have I ever mentioned that I feel Frankfurt as my second home town additionally to my native city Tirana? I do always say: Frankfurt is love at third sight! Frankfurt is neither Munich or London, and even less Paris, but if you give the city a chance it will unfold its wide variety, and you will definitely take it into your heart.

In the last weekend of August, there were some stunning cultural events after the summer break. I took part in two of them.


On the 30th of August, the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art (MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst) launched a retrospective of the deceased brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica at an extraordinary location, the fantastic Frankfurt Palmengarten. The location was chosen by the curators very appropriate to the cultural-political movement Tropicália in Brasil during the end of 60s which was co-founded by Oiticica.

The invitation to the preview

The invitation to the preview

Wonderful late summer mood at the preview

Wonderful late summer mood at the preview

Here are some pictures of me in one of Oiticica’s accessible labyrinthian installations, the so called penetráveis (penetrables).

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I was wearing a Bottega Veneta dress, bought at The Outnet, a Gucci clutch which I bought years ago at the Gucci Store in Quartier 206 in Berlin and golden wedges by Jean-Michel Cazabat.



The atmosphere in Frankfurt Palmengarten is unique. Each time I visit it, I feel myself somehow like Alice in Wonderland.

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Do visit the exhibition and the Palmengarten.
The second part will follow soon. Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Cultural Weekend in Frankfurt: Part 1

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  4. silva

    Beautiful dress!
    Especially in the first photo, in the green scenery, it gives colour to the whole surroundings.

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